Monday, 23 November 2015

Final Post

So, this probably comes as no surprise, but there won't be any more updates here in future.

The intent of this blog was always to inform people of what a restraint could old, and if I felt it was well designed. I also wanted to get into communication with the creators/developers, be involved, etc.

Instead it did the opposite, making a wall between them and I, to the point certain creators started to majorly dislike me, even those I was already friends with. My attempts to stay unbiased only made that wall larger. I'm also more than a little fed up with the unpleasant messages sent my way in SL or on DA.

That's not to say its all been gloom, I've had fun writing, and apparently a lot of people liked it. Its just a shame they rarely spoke up unless I ran into them, and only the less than pleasant people bothered to give me any feedback. Messing with restraints was always fun, though self bondage was never my thing, it was good to really dig into them and find out what made them tick.

Naturally I'm not deleting this, my (badly typo'd) reviews will stay up, though no new ones will appear.

Hope you all enjoyed the reviews while they lasted.


Friday, 14 August 2015

RR highbinder

  Well, I'm somewhat back, and going to try and get into the habit of writing again. The formatting may be a bit different to before, but.. eh. We'll go with it for now.

  Anyway! New armbinder from RR, dubbed the highbinder due to its longer length, which of course allows more tightness.

Review info

Highbinder was purchased from own pocket
Reviewed after first update, which fixes some rigged straps issues 

Whats in the box

  Inside the box you'll find three attachments, The Highbinder itself, and two sets of straps, the Front X Straps and the Belly Strap. You'll also find 6 poses inside, allowing you to bend forwards at 45 or 90 degrees, with three different stances for the legs.. Together, Parted and Spread. These can be used freely with anything, and work well for Strapaddos. (Which are also good for spanking, or anything else you may wish to do to  rear forced up and helpless by bondage!)

  You'll also find four textures. These are included so that if you try to alter a texture, and mess up, you have a replacement you can drop back in to fix it back to normal. There is an alpha, as well as a maitreya autohider, so if you use that mesh body, you can just use this to adjust what parts of the arms are visible instead of having to do it manually. Otherwise you'll just find the usual, a Readme on hwo to use your new binder, and a landmark for the store.


   First and foremost, you should turn on advanced lighting system. Don't worry, you can disable shadows in most viewers via a dropdown menu. this kills most of the performance hits you may take, while retaining the materials effects.

  Contrary to what certain people may think, this armbinder is quite the new product. Compared to the old RR one, its longer, smoother, includes far more variety in its appearance, more straps, the pattern system from the RR harness and Deluxe gag, and is, y'know, mesh. This of course allows for much easier fitting, albeit it still annoying at times.

  It uses the same retexturing/appearance adjusting system that the recent RR devices do, allowing you to adjust specific sections and surfaces. Sections are entire areas, while surfaces are specific little bits, like the sides of straps. You can also add a verity of patterns, from things such as cowprint, to text, to symbols. There's four pages of these to choose from. And of course, you can adjust the tint.

  You also have materials. There are nine included in the menu, specifically Rubber, PVC, Latex, Leather, Patent Leather, Rough Leather, Jeans (denim), Cordura (some military fabric) and Spandex. Without materials enabled (see above), you won't be able to appreciate these properly. All in all, they are all pretty nice. There's two pages of Presets included for good measure, handy if you have a specific look in mind, like classic black leather, and want to get the whole binder done up quickly.

  There's two primary ways for the armbinder to be applied, with two higher settings one ach that add more straps. Plain, which is the (very) tightly laced up armbinder by itself, while tight slots in some built in straps to further secure it. From there you can apply Chest Straps, or escalate to strapping the entire torso to the binder. All of these of course use the RR anim hud, allowing you to angle your arms further or closer to your body.. and are key to the strappado poses mentioned earlier.

  Perhaps one of the most handy things is a new plugin called Mirror. It effectively mirrors the straps on one side to the other.. So you can adjust just the left sides of the straps to fit perfectly, then use this plugin to automatically adjust the straps squeezing you on the right to match,, or vice versa.

  Added in the first update, for those that bought before it was put up, adds a BreastSize plugin, which adjust the positions of some of the rigged straps that could be outright impossible to fit the rest of the straps to correctly without clipping beforehand, get the update if you have that issue. 

  Thoughts - I really like this binders looks, there's very few good armbinders in SL, I can name maybe two others off the top of my head, and one of them is also Marines. If I wanted to have stuff added? I think a style hud would be really good, rather than a menu.. And maybe add an even more severe strappado pose! Close enough to use a short leash to keep the head in place as well.


  As this is the first review in a long time for RR gear, I'll be going somewhat indepth into each menu.

  You choose poses via the top six buttons of the primary menu. Theres no extras in the More.. menu this time. from there you get the usual Lock, Last Plug and Take/Return keys options you should be used to by now, if you've used any RR product, with the tools, plugins and more.. menu beneath that.

  Tools contains Save and load. Hitting save will take your stats (best time, total time, etc) and save them for you, letting you put them into a notecard that you can then put into a replacement binder, say due to an update, were you then hit load ad get all your stats back. You'll also find the Reset button here, a sadly important one with the nature of SLs key grabbers at times. Further down you'll fine a toggle for Male settings, which adjusts some of the messages the armbinder sends, and verbose, which will turn on/off the binders ability to use local chat. The ever important Update button is here as well.

   Next on the list is the Plugins menu. You'll find a lot of familiar ones in here, the Realkey of course (set the restraint password, get a key, set the key password to the same as your restraint, give the key to someone you trust, and you're home free. Unless they use it to bind you tighter, always a risk!). Then there's Outfit, which uses RLV folders to add, remove, or outright deny the use of certain things within them. It also has a devious unshare option, that doesn't allow the person to wear anything outside of the RLV folder. The RL time menu is here as well, useful when you want someone locked until a certain day, rather than setting a huge timelock and hoping they spent enough time logged in to get loose.

  Control follows that, which lets you put a variety of RLV restrictions on people (No IM block though, which is good. And logical.) Give Keys allows you to hand them to someone, or throw them away altogether, which is quite risky, as it then restricts the plugins menu nearly completely, and no one else can access it without a realkey. Its entirely possibly to completely trap yourself in the restraint by disabling the Realkey plugin, then throwing away the keys. If you dot hat, and lock it.. its not coming off without a reset.

  The Leash  is as simple as ever, and also allows you to anchor it to other restraints, say the vixen ankle cuffs, to further hobble you, or even to ones worn by other captives. Make a slave train! You can also get a couple of tools, a leash holder, and a leash anywhere HUD object. With this, while holding the leash, you can focus on a prim (alt+ left click), then click the button on your hud to leash the sub to that prim, regardless of what it is. Bed frame? Drainpipe? A galloping horse? Go for it.

  The next row starts with Anim which is effectively the RR anim hud in menu form, which your captor can use. It has one advantage over the anim hud, in that if you know the pose in advance, you can go straight to it without flicking through others, but I'd generally recommend you use the Hud instead. Allow follows that, which is a simple one. In here, you can set it so that if the captive is IM or TP blocked, you can bypass it.

  The Autolock plugin is there of course, were you can set up macros to well, lock the restraint holder up tight after a period of time. You can do a lot of customisation here, as well as have it only countdown when the person is bound, or online.

  The next two are already covered above, HighBinderTex and Mirror, as is BreastSize on the row below. After that is Vulnerable, a newer plugin. It lets your keyholder give permissions to people to do certain things, specifically strip, put on outfits (in RLV folders), leash and forcesit the captive. If the captive is already on a piece of furniture, the latter two are unavailable. The wearer has to agree to this of course, and can block people who push their luck.

  Wear allows the locking of specific body areas for clothing. If an option is turned off, the person cannot use wear to put something on that slow. AutoAlpha finally appears, and has an extra use if you use the Maitreya body. if you put the autohider/alpha mentioned in the Box Contents section in an RLV folder, path the autoalpha plugin to it, and let it do its job, then when you get bound, you won't need to do a thing to stop your arms clipping. There's also unwear which does the same thing, except prevents you taking things off of the slots.

  Sit is one of the last plugins in the menu. Its effectively forcesit, and can also disable standing back up. Touch is also a fun one. You can have it do a blanket touch lock over all the restraint options (plain, tight, etc), or specific ones, with each touch option its own thing. Marines gear tends to lack an expose option, Vulnerable is the closet thing, so for those that want to leave their keys hanging, but have no way to get at them, get the armbinder locked on, leave the keys, then turn off touchself via this menu, You won't be able to get at any of your gear this way though, so make sure you're careful.

  Back in the main menu, we only have More left. In here you have the usual stuff like AutoRef (autorefresh, keeps the arm bound anim playing I believe), some quick timer options, and the Timer itself. Nothing to really go into here. You have the specific times (+1, +10, etc), the variable times (+30m-2h, 2h-6h, etc), the option to disable the timer, and also to hide it.

  Thoughts - I don't have too much to say here, its standard RR. There's a few changes since my last review, like the vulnerable plugin, some updates to older ones, etc. My biggest gripes are the layout of the restraint options, but that's more for ones that exceed 6, a lot of people I encounter don't realise the pretty mummy and such have a couple extra options in the more menu, but that's irrelevant here, and the fact that you can't go back to the plugins menu itself from a plugin, you have to go back to the main menu first, but that's just a quality of life thing.

The thoughts of S
  The latest release of the High Binder shows that Marine Kelly is still pushing the bar! The new binder is not simply an update or redesign of the previous RR Armbinder. It is a new design with new features. Being a lover of armbinders I was very pleased at this, and the added strap and binding options are very nice! The design is very well done mesh, but what really struck me is that this is the first large size Mesh restraint that really tries to takes into account the need to be able to adjust it to fit individual avatars, as opposed to a "one-size fits everyone poorly" approach we have seen until now, forcing players to alter their avatars to make the item fit. I'd love to see Marine step back and revisit some of her earlier releases, like the Pretty Mummy, applying this same design philosophy

  I like the expanded selection of material textures in the high High Binder. The new binder to uses the same style menu system as her other products, so while still in need for a more user friendly design, people already familiar with RR products shouldn't have any problems.

In closing

  Its 700 linden, its easy to fit now that we have the breastsize plugin, its well made.. Menus may seem a little clustered, but anyone whos used RR gear will be used to that layout by now I imagine. I can find little fault with it really, I mean, it does mostly everything I wanted it to, and does it well.

Would I buy it? - Yes

Can be bought in world from Marines store at or from the little shop of kink at

pictures used show black latex in the Bend_90_tight pose, with RR anim hud used to maximize the strappado, blue leather from behind, and red Spandex in Bend_45_spread, with all the straps on. Additional pics can be found at

Saturday, 25 October 2014

RR Deluxe Gag

New item from marine, fresh on the grid.


  Tight leather, lots of straps around the head, with options of a large ball, a tight panel or a ring for that mouth.. There's a ball/bit combo and just the bit by itself via a certain menu as well. You can also just have the harness, with no gag in your mouth.

  Comes with plenty of appearance options. A harness or simple for each type, which can then be further adjusted. The simple could have a chin strap added, or the aforementioned bit. For the full harness styles, you can remove the chin strap and just have the base and overhead straps. Both also have an invisible option..

  That option seems to be for use with hoods and other prop gags, as far as I can tell. You could theoretically use invisible on the RR, then put another gag on that say, has terrible garbling, or no scripts at all, to match the RP better. Its a nice idea.

  Colour and such wise well.. You have a ton of options. It uses the same system as the Pretty Mummy. You can pick an area, a surface, just about anything. You could do every individual strap a different colour if that took your fancy, or say, the front of a strap pink and the sides neon green if you wanted something bizarre. It doesn't have opacity however. (a missed opportunity? A transparent panel gag with the big ball below could be fun. Doesn't sub-shop do that kind of stuff?)

  It does have patterns, with plenty of options from stuff like camo, or a pattern of skulls to crueler things like barbed wire. You can apply each of these to surfaces or sections as well of course. There's also plenty of text options built in, and I believe you can make your own.

  The blindfold that comes with it is similar, although it has only one appearance. You can hit just lock if you want a nice blindfold without the restriction.. However if you have RLV 2.9 or higher, Marines new blindfold system is included, which is far superior to the old HUD one. I'll explain it more below. You can also hide the blindfold strap that goes around the head, or set it invisible.

  They are both all mesh, and very easy to fit, split into logical parts. There is an alpha included for those of us that use viewers like firestorm that no longer have functional invisiprims, so that we can use the panel gag without our lips clipping


  The gag has eight options to start with. A simple round the head Ball or Ring, that can be changed to bit via the style menu. Then you get the harness options, which include a panel, again with bit style via that menu. The harness gags are the equivalent of tighter settings on her other gags, garbling you more, with Panel being a full out mmph mode. You can also do total of any style, though it doesn't appear different from the harness version.

  The menu layout.. isn't fantastic. It may be to keep scripts low, but I feel each gag type (ball/ring/panel) could of benefited from being one option with a submenu to each for level.  As it is right now its not by any means bad, but the last two gag options are in the "More.." menu, rather than readily available or obvious.

  The rest of the options are laid out as follows - Lock/unlock. self explanatory. Locking it will rez the harness without a gag in your mouth, adjustable via style. Last Plug is not a plug, but a shortcut to the last plugin used. Take/Leave keys follows, fairly obvious what these do.

 Special has some useful commands. Allowing a chat command to access the gag, update, verbose, etc, as well as the ever important timer option. Plugins follows, but will get to that in a moment. More.. is the last option, and contains the last two Total gag options, a pair of timer options for quick use, and an option to access the full timer system again.

  Plugins top row contains the Realkey, which is a lock bypass system, RL time, which sets a timer based on the real world, not time logged in, and the Style menu, allowing you to adjust what parts of the gag are visible. The second row has Give Keys, an obvious one, HeadHarness, for adjusting the appearance of the gag (colour/texture/etc) and Leash.

  The Last row contains Wriggle, an odd one to see here as that's usually for changing pose I believe, Autolock, for setting a time in the future when the gag will lock in a specific style, and Gag.. which has all the RLV restrictions like IM block, emote blocking, etc in it.

  The blindfold is a similar layout. The first 6 options adjust the strictness, Lock/unlock puts the blindfold on and off without restriction, etc. The plugins contained are Realkey, RL Time, Style, Autolock, Give Keys and HeadHarness.

  The big thing about this blindfold is the new system is uses for blinding. I unfortunately don't have RLV 2.9 yet, so I'm including a link here to some pictures by someone on DA who kindly covers each level of the blindfold and how it works - CLICK HERE

  Long story short, it no longer uses a hud to hide you. In fact, you can always clearly see your avatar. What it does is put a range on how far you can see, as well as making things dark, black and greys, on the higher levels. It also removes floating text, names.. all the while letting you see yourself. If you are against a wall, you can see the wall as a grey surface, simulating what you'd feel when blindfolded normally, rather than just having you walk into it for ages because the HUD doesn't tell you its there.

  Its a very effective system, and I can't do it justice without pictures sadly, thankfully that link above shows it off quite nicely.

  Additional info

  Quick gag layout stuff. Ring > Plugins > Style > Bit if you want to use a bit gag.
                                        Ball > Plugins > Style > Bit if you want the combo gag.

  My thoughts

  A very good gag and blindfold combo. Very fair price, 450 linden. Some handy options for RP with the invisible options, and when Firestorm eventually updates to RLV 2.9 (rumours state late November/Early decemeber) I actually look forwards to using that blindfold system. It actually looks quite fun to use compared to those stupid huds. Letting you see things while keeping them blank and featureless is a great way to go.

  The only real fault I have is the menu isn't really that well laid out. I'd like to be able to save presets in the HeadHarness menu as well, for quick swaps.

  Its No Copy/Mod/Trans.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

DSS Candlier

Silence for two months, then suddenly 4 things land on top of me at once, heres the first.


  Its a chandelier of sorts, available in three sizes, in an X with candles on each point, held in a golden candlestick. Then someone gets chained with a limb pointing towards each candle, and a couple more placed carefully upon their back for good measure. The base is rather more worn looking, with the frame appearing to be made of thick metal with rather large rivets.

  The four sizes should allow for people of most heights to fit onto it properly, or to have it fit into most rooms, though the back candles may require some adjusting to sit properly. You can also adjust how high or low you hang from the frame with the Page up and Page down keys. There are no colour options at this time, although it is full mod so you can adjust it somewhat that way. It does have a rather nice feature though, that may make the poor captives feel a little bit dizzy.. Covered further below,


 There's not too much in here. When you first rez the base and touch it, you'll get four buttons, Small, Medium or Large, as well as Help. The first three will rez the Candlier itself below the base, on a length of chain decided by the option chosen. Help will prompt you to open a webpage that is used instead of a notecard manual.

   Once Rezzed, the base will give out 3 new options, keeping Help from the previous menu. Scan will, within a range specified in the settings menu, search for people with an RLV relay, and then give you the option to try and snag one of them. Self Bondage works in a similar way, except instead of searching for someone, it attempts to grab you, providing you have a relay on.

  Settings gives a rather large submenu. The top two rows of options are split between Access, Friction and Range. Selecting the up or down Access option will cycle through Public, Group or Owner options, deciding who can use the menus. Friction relates to the Candliers party piece, and will be covered below. Range adjusts how far the scan option will search for people.

 Below these options you'll find Self Bondage, in which you can adjust the timer at intervals of 10 minutes, an hour or 10 hours. After that, added in the most recent update, is an option to toggle the Start IM RLV restriction, previously on at all times and impossible to disable, so a welcome change. Lastly you have Reset, which will reset in the scripts in the base. This does not derez the Candlier itself, which must be rather deleted or taken when finished with, as it is a separate object.

  When someone is captured, people can click on the base to do one of two things. Release, which is self explanatory, or set a Timer, also self explanatory. This timer works the same as the self bondage one.

  This things party piece isn't in a menu, but in its use of SL physics. Once you or someone else is hanging from it, anyone can click on the chain and move you around, causing you to sway, swing or even spasm wildly through the air depending where and how they move it. The closer to the base, the better control you'll have over how they move. Unfortunately short of a video, I am currently unable to really show how this works.

  Bug wise I only encountered one, when using the medium size of the 1.1.3 version where it literally just fell down, and me with it. The menu of the base changed back to asking you to rez a new one, and no release option or timer was available, forcing me to safeword. This happened twice, and I was unable to recreate it after that. May of just being SL going crazy.

  Additional info

 Not much to put here for this one. Its copy/mod, despite saying no mod. Thats just down to the scripts being locked down, not the object itself. The candles themselves aren't a very good lightsource if you use shadows and are in a sim where the sim builder has sensibly not put everything on full bright like an idiot, so if you use these, make sure to have other lightsources as well.

  The images, in order from top to bottom, the default camera focus, a rear angle, and one in motion, shown as best I can.

 My thoughts

 I quite like it, especially the concept. My Mistress certainly had fun having ti swing around like a tornado with me on it at least. Its not got many options, and may seem a little barebones. There's not much it would need added though.

 You could argue the need to add more RLV options but eh, there's plenty of other gear to add those, and as you should be using cuffs with it anyway, they generally will have the only logical restrictions in them if you wish to enable them.

  You could also say more colour options, which I can't entirely disagree with. Silver and gold doesn't match everyones decor after all, and while you can adjust colour via edit, its not quite the same. Still, at least editing is allowed for it.

  It costs 349 linden, for as many copies as you can fit in your sim.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


 A new item, a collab between [H]arsh and the people over at Thinkkink tonight.

 To be exact - Darien Caldwell did the mesh, the animations come form Daisy Creations, the hair from Damona Kanik, and the coding done by Ilana Debevec and  Chloe1982 Constantine.

 I've being asked not to call it a drone suit, but an ISO


 When you first put it on, you'll be smooth, shiny, and coated in white latex. You have a choice of 32 built in colours on top of that, and its mod, so you are free to recolour it to your hearts content using the RGB system.

 On top of that, its in a series of parts, so you can recolour individual pieces, like the head, faceplate, hair, etc, or via mod even turn them invisible. You'll need another Alpha if you do that, but allows you to adjust it to fit a lot of other pieces of gear if you so wish.

 However, you then have the option to switch to a materials textured outfit, by hitting the Seamed option. Aside from the faceplate, this then appears to be a nice, tight catsuit with attached openfaced hood, and is perhaps one of the best examples of how much a difference a materials texture makes. Seriously, people who leave materials off are missing out when it comes to stuff like this.

 Its fitted mesh, which will generally stick to your shape, buts its far from a flawless system still, so the alpha will more than likely be needed.

 Unlike most outfits of this type, this ones heels aren't ballet, and while still tall, and built into the suit, seem far more reasonable for the kind of long term wear you'd be forced to do in such an outfit. Quite a refreshing change. If you want ballets, well you can hide the boots via Edit, and adjusting transparency.

 You can hide the faceplate via edit as well, if you find a face only alpha, you might be able to get it to look quite good, though I have a few issues with my headshape, its still worth a try.


 You need to wear both the suit and the hud that comes with it if you want to speak, a precaution to prevent issues such as the particle effect objects make when speaking. It also does not seem to block IM by default, as it should be. You'll also have a HUD pop up when locked in, to simulate the faceplate. It makes a not bad photoframe.

 The first option is Style, which is where you cover the stuff mentioned above, such as switching between seamed and seamless modes. Following that is Locking. In here are three options. Lock does as it says, Unlock as well, and as for Public.. well, you'll be in danger unless you are very careful. You'll be locked out of the menu completely, and at the mercy of anyone nearby. There's also Privileged which only appears if/when you add someone to that system via the Operators menu, covered below. This also locks you out of the menu, but only allows people added to the suit to access it.

 Restrict is a big menu. There are four submenus within, each related to a specific part of you. Talk lets you adjust how clearly you speak, as well as adjust the IM restrictions. It also adjusts emotes, but not by themselves, so sadly if you want to garble your speaking, your emotes will be garbled as well. This needs a fix

 Move doesn't hobble, but adjusts things such as TP, flying, sit, etc, and also has another submenu, Freeze. In here you can set a distance, and whether they need to be within a certain range, or far enough away. You get a 30 second window to fulfill the requirements, with gradually more and more restrictions, the last two of which are IM block and being unable to move.

 See adjusts things such as names, the map, etc, with a submenu for View which has a selection of windlight options that the captive will have to suffer through. Most are quite jarring, and make somethings harder to see, as you might expect. There doesn't appear to be a clear option.

 Lastly we have Touch which has three different menus inside. As you might expect, it has options for stopping far touch, touch self, etc if you choose to do so, as well as allowing or preventing you from adding clothes and attachments, and inventory related restrictions. When you activate a touch restriction, the gloves change into snug little mitts.

 As the wearer, your next menu is Timer, the classic, ever nice option. You can choose to add or remove via a couple of buttons at the bottom, anywhere from 5 minutes to.. 28 days. It has a second menu that allows you turn the timer on/off or pause it, as well as letting you swap between RL and SL time, and a restart option. Timer for 28 days.. 27 days and 23 hours later, your captor accidentally hits restart.. I'll leave your reaction up to your own imagination.

 The final menu is Operators, mentioned above. This is where you can add or removed "privileged" people who can access the suit at any time, locked or not. There's also a Banned list, which stops them ever access it, even when on public, an extremely handy option as far as I am concerned, and one more restraints should use.

 As another user, should the person be on public, you get two options when you first try to access it. Take over and Walk away. Both are self explanatory. You also have a Relinquish option in the locking menu, that leaves them stuck on public, but you no longer control them.

 Once inside, you have access to the first four menus covered above, as well as two new ones, Punish  and Rename. Punish lets you choose form three options, and torments the persons breasts, rear or "Da Monkey" as they call it. Its not a stretch to guess what area that is. They have some custom animations, of you clutching the afflicted area and rolling around, as well as some sound effects. Mostly zapping and muffled cries.

 Rename opens an input box that you type a name you want in, which will then appear as "ISO/<your text>". If a timer is running, you can only add to it, or Punish the wearer while its on public.

 As privileged, you can access at any time, as well as give more people access, ban people, change the lock type or relinquish it, freely adjust the timer, etc.

Other info

 I've being informed that updates are planned, for free of course. If it lacks something now, don't worry as it may get it added in an update soon.

My thoughts

I like it. That's pretty much a given. Hopefully the updates will make the hood more functional with the faceplate hidden, to make it even more customizable than it is already. The *big* issue is that emote blocking when you garble. Lets hope that gets fixed quickly. Otherwise my only real gripes are the hair, when set to black, is more grayish, but is mod so not a major issue, and the IM block during freeze.

It costs 1199 Linden

Pic 1- A selection of reds, showing off  various parts you can adjust, using Seamed

Pic 2 - As it is out of the box, white, with black hair. Seamless mode

Pic 3 - The hud, mitts, with hood hidden. Also Seamed (needs a different alpha to the included.) Sorry its a bit dark, the restrictions and all

Sunday, 20 July 2014

RF SackBinder

No space between Sack and Binder is deliberate.


 Effectively, its a bodybinder that you are sitting in knees tight against you, with padding at the bottom for comfort, possibly due to long term storage. It certainly looks effective. It has a number of leash rings, presumably to hold you down even further, or drag you along. You can't move by yourself in this thing at all however. Once tied up, even on the lowest setting, you're stuck.

 Texture wise you have the usual RF textures. Katies leather ones suit this far more than her latex ones I'll say. I'm not sure what it is, but her latex texture just seems a little.. off. You can of course always just colour it black and use shine/materials shine to make it gleam of course.

 There's 10 latex textures and 10 leather, as usual, you can also retexture the padding at the bottom base, or choose from the 9 other textures down the bottom. Adjusting shine and such can be done via the HUD as well adjusting the closure, between lacing, zip or just none. Gotta love that look of having being stitched into it, with no way out possible.

 Its moddable, so you can apply materials shine if you want. (Edit > Texture > Click the drop down menu with Texture (diffuse) in it > select Shininess (specular), > click the texture box > Apply one if you have it, or just use blank > Adjust Glossiness, environment and the colour of the shine to meet your needs)

 Of import int he style menu, but no the HUD, is an option to adjust the height of the tied up anim, to prevent floating or sinking into the ground. Quite nice to have, and should be added to the HUD if possible. Lastly, you can hide the harness, making it smooth leather/latex from the neck to the padding at the base.


Standard RF fare here. As the wearer, if you take the keys, you get the Style menu, followed by the Leashing menu, with Plugins to follow. No unique plugins to the Sack in here. With Keys, the next menu is just ... which does nothing, followed by the Timelock menu with both the Timelock, which returns Keys, and Timebound, which merely unties, options within.

 The Settings menu follows that, with the handy options like Expose and Verbose within. Key menu after that, followed by the ever important Restraints menu. Three levels again, as is fast becoming the standard at RF. In this case, Tight restricts touching others, Tighter adds in no far touch, and Tightest removes touch world. You can use the RLV menu in Plugins to remove touch self. The last option is Unlock.

 Without Keys, you have access to Style and Escape, whereas others will have access to Keys and Restraints. For other people who have your keys, the menu is identical to the captive holding the keys.

My thoughts

 I like the concept, though I'm not sure I can call it a ball tie, it still comes under the same category I suppose. Its quite cheap, at 350 linden, though it is static. Truth be told you barely need the alpha included thanks to that. You don't move at all, bar your head, after all.

 The leather looks great on it.. Latex, not as much. Not sure what it is about the latex textures form RF, but they don't seem to fit the bigger restraints, whereas on the armbinder and the like, they're fantastic. You can always do what I did in pic 3 of course, and colour it, then apply materials shine, but that takes a bit of extra work.

 All in all a pretty good restraint, worth the 350 linden I'd say.

 Pics - First is black leather, with red leather straps. Second is Purple latex with black latex straps and blue base. Last is white latex, coloured black via the HUD, with a blank materials texture shine applied.

 No S&S this review again, time just isn't allowing all three of us on at the same time right now. May edit in later if we find time.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

RR Pretty Mummy

Many of you who actually know me, know my love for customisable restraints, mummification, tape and latex. And then Marine makes this. Be prepared for a LONG read, this may be the single most customisable restraint in SL.


  Where to begin? There are four materials in here, latex, shrink wrap, tape and bandage. And these can be made transparent, thanks to good design and fitted mesh. There are alphas included for those that need them, though naturally you won't be able to use transparent with them. There are four main pieces that must be worn, the rest can be any of the materials above.. mixed up as well. You can also do fancy things, like make the bandage wrap appear to be nylon with some transparency and colour changes.

  They all have their own little quirks as well, the base bandage for example has a little bow just under the neck when your torso is snugly wrapped. The shrink wrap appears stretched, while the latex is perfectly smooth and seamless, sprayed on. They also have style menus, allowing for various changes to the restraint, such as uncovering the breasts or hands.

  Not all of it is rigged, so you may need to make some adjustments. They for the most part seem easier than the siren ropes however, which many will be glad to hear. You can also toggle between rigged breasts wrappings and unrigged, for if you use tangos or the like.

  In terms of poses.. You have eight for the upper body, and another eight for the lower. Pet, a leg based on, wil force your arms into Pony no matter what they may of been in originally.. and forces you to hobble along on elbows and knees, something SL hasn't had many options for in the past.

 Many of the poses have a load of extra options in the Style menu, letting you change, for example, the elbow only pose to be a full wrap around your upper arms, 1 strip. 2 strips or 3 strips. Elbows Only, Arms Tight and Pony have 4 extra styles, While the other options do not for the arms.

 Legs wise, you have Five styles for the hobble option (including a dress that can be worn without other bonds), tight, mummy, lie and mummy lie have four, Hogtie has six, frogtie and pet seven.

  The gag comes next, and is quite similar to the RR tape gag, though the Total is a lot stricter this time, with a full wrap around. They are also all one solid prim, so resizing one, even via edit linked, resizes them all, with the exception of the stuffing, which you can of course make bigger, push deeper, or both! You can even wrap the ears, complete with extra restrictions. Throw in the blindfold, and your head will be so snugly wrapped..

  The blindfold has a handy option that lets you cover the top of your head with it as well, for that full all over Mummy look.

 Of all the parts that will take you time to fit, expect the head to be the longest. Getting all of the prims to sit flush with each other perfectly can be quite difficult.

 There's also a pair of nipple pasties, and a crotch covering for good measure, both of unrigged mesh. You can also, if you tie without binding, get a dress like outfit, which is quite nice. Casual minidress.. turned into full out rubber cocoon. What more could you want?

 The biggest issue with all this, due to an SL limitation, all the materials are in separate boxes, and their own prim sets. Meaning once one is fitted, you need to refit all the others. Marine does have an option to make this a lot less hassle, covered below, but you may find some fine tuning is still needed.

 Due to SLs terrible wireskeleton, you may experience a few issues with the fitted mesh, especially on areas such as the breasts. Its unfortunate, but not something that can be fixed without a whole new avatar skeleton been made by SL.


 The top two rows are always related to the binding. All the poses are here, the strictness of the gag and blindfold, etc. In the case of the arms and legs, two more poses are also in the More.. menu.

  The six bondage poses occupy the top, then you have Untie, Last Plug, which is a shortcut to the last plugin you selected, Loosen/Tighten, when loosened, anyone can access the menu, while tightened they have to do a minigame to try and get in. Think expose and steal keys. You then have Tools, or Special, depending on whether or not you are bound. Tools lets you save, load and reset the restraint, or change it to a Male setting if you happen to be of that persuasion.

 In the Special submenu, you'll find Block, which stops the sub interacting with the environment, Mouselook to force them into first person, Autoref, which is auto refresh, helps to keep your poses from breaking. /77 allows you to turn on menu access via that channel. Alarm On/Off will turn on the domme alert should you cheat around the restraint in some way. Last plug appears again, as does Verbose, which if off, doesn't send messages to local chat. You can also find the Timer.. menu in here, as well as the Plugins button and Main to take you back to the menu.

  Timer.. Will take you to a timelock menu with a variety of options. You can hide the timer from others, and turn it off here of course. Whats more curious is how its down. Used by Marine before, instead of a preset option, you have a range per button, I.E 2h-6h, which will add anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours to the captives timer. You do have standard options like +10mn as well, but its nice to see those other ones still around.

  Plugins.. has 3 pages for the Arms section of the restraint. The first is Control.. which has a ton of RLV related restrictions you can activate or deactivate. The follow up is Cover Hands.. which allows you to wrap the hands.Hitting wrap will apply all touch restrictions, if you then select one of the three other options in there, you'll remove that restriction. Keep touch self active if you don't want to get stuck.

  MummyTex comes next. In here you can select the Section to edit, a surface to also edit and the opacity and tint. Anim follows that, which allows you to setup and adjust all the animations.. or you can use the HUD for a much smoother, easier experience. Allow lets the person who enters it to make themselves exempt from IM or TP blocks. I.E the domme restricts IMs and TP for the captive, but also turns the exempt on for themselves. They will be abel to TP or IM the sub, but no one else will be able to.. Unless also exempt from a previous session.

 Marines usual Autolock follows that, with Style on the second page. There's another Touch restrictions menu next, separate from the hand wrappings. Unwear.. which lets you take their clothes or attachments off if you so wish, which Outfit lets you adjust what they have on, what they are allowed and not allowed to wear, etc, all done via RLV folders.

 RL time lets you change the timer to use a constant timer, even when logged out, as opposed to the standard one that runs down only when the sub is in world. Sit.. is a force sit option, with unsit and No stand options as well. Lastly is Wear, which lets you decide where the sub can wear clothing, and where they can not. (I.E no tops, but underwear allowed)

That about covers the arms..


 To save space I'll only cover those options that Arms don't have.

 In Plugins.. You'll find a wriggle menu, to allow you to try and get into another pose. Then there's Cover Feet. This has.. a lot of options, regarding various heels you may have. Its actually a really nice system, allowing the wrapped to go over the heels without clipping. It has options specifically for SLink heels. You can have it wrap all the way to the toes, just over the ankles, or half way down your feet, with or without heels on.


The gag works quite a bit differently to the arms, as you might expect. The gag levels make the gag much stricter, in both appearance and function. The max silences you, while the one just below makes you Mmmmph, the other two garble you to various degrees.

 Plugins has some differences again. The Gag RLV menu under it has a lot of options for punishing people who try to cheat, and a very handy option that stops the keyholder blocking your IMs if you dislike that kind of thing. It also has the Wriggle menu that arms lacks, allowing you to adjust your gag. Cover Ears is also here, which allows you to deny them local chat and IM hearing.. Lot of IM restrictions in this kit.

 Very Funny.. Is also in here, which allows you to write on the gag to various degrees, or put an Anime like emote face on it. An example Marine gave was to wrap the person head to toe, with hair free. Colour some black, the legs and head flesh colour, then apply a face with a blank expression.. Anyone watching from a distance would be unable to tell it was a real person. Very handy RP options there.


  Lastly we have the blindfold. It has Six options for vision blurring, however if you hit just Tie, you'll get a faux blindfold as well.It also contains the all important Shape plugins. This will, when used, save the current size, rotation and position of all the unrigged prims for all parts. You can then undo say, the bandages, and put on the nylons, then load, to save time. You may need to do some minor adjustments, but should save a lot of work.

 My thoughts

 For the most part? I love it. It has a few issues, such as the Shape plugin not woking right for me, and an issue with the SL skeleton causing some odd ridges in the mesh, particularly on the breasts.

 But I love it still. It has so many options that SL bondage has lacked for so long, and the sheer variety of poses, looks and adjustablility this thing has cannot be overlooked. We even got transparent mummification as a possibility at last!

 The price is 1250, I personally say thats worth it for the sheer volume inside.